Spring is around the corner! | Hampton Roads Photographer

Spring, hurry up, we’ve missed you!

The weather lately certainly has been teasing us with hopes of spring.  We spent our day outside soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible. Kenny has never been a fan of my camera, but he even stood still and allowed me to get a picture! Josh of course loved the attention of the camera. Days like these make me so excited to get back out and photograph your family! Gorgeous weather, beautiful families and fantastic sunsets is the perfect formula for an unforgettable session.

In anticipation of more beautiful weather approaching, I’m offering the first 5 people that book a session in April and May, 50% off digital negatives and 30% off canvasses.

Hampton Roads Photographer Hampton Roads Photographer DSC09109 Hampton Roads Photographer

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  1. OMG how cute! I love that it’s finally warming up here too. It’s about time!


USS Kearsarge Homecoming | Hampton Roads Homecoming

Ah, homecomings! I love them, but I am not kidding when I mention that it always rains. The USS Kearsarge came home, so of course the clouds let loose. This homecoming was special in a few ways. Firstly, I was documenting it for two families, The Troche’s and The Macedo’s. Secondly, and more personal, I have never photographed a Kearsarge homecoming. Every other time this ship has pulled in for the last five years I was not working; I was waiting for Mike, my husband. I was there standing just like Amanda Macedo and Lovey Troche were on this day—anticipating, hoping, praying, and getting butterflies as they (and I in the past) awaited loved ones. It was extremely strange and emotional photographing a Kearsarge homecoming. Mike has been home, so watching sailors pour in knowing he’s at the house waiting for me is… different. It’s wonderful, but it’s different.

Lovey Troche contacted me as soon as Kearsarge left. She wanted to make sure she had me booked since she knew my husband was getting home early. Shortly after, I heard from Amanda Macedo, who was expecting her husband AND their first son, who is their third child. I was so excited to capture more reuniting moments.

Hampton Roads Homecoming

When we got to the pier, it was crowded as usual. I saw so much babywearing that day! We all know that I love me some babywearing ;) ! My time was split between the two families, but I know I captured all of the perfect moments. Orbelin came through the crowd, and Amanda, Luz, Carina (and I like to think Angel, too, even though he was only five weeks old) were so excited to see him. The Macedo’s were together at last, and Orbelin was able to finally meet his beautiful son. It was almost overwhelming seeing a joyful father hold his very new son for the first time. I know that their bond will surely grow over the years.

Hampton Roads Homecoming Hampton Roads Homecoming

When I returned to Lovey, they had opened the pier for everyone. Lovey took off running, and, even at my height, it was hard for me to keep track of her… until I heard the loudest shriek I had ever heard. She had found Jacques, and I’m pretty sure the whole pier knew it. At the time, Lovey and Jacques’ son, Joshua, was sleeping in his grandmother’s arms (though I’m shocked Lovey’s shriek didn’t wake him). Lovey and Jacques took their time embracing, crying, and coming to the realization that he was really home. After a few moments, Jacques went to his son and began kissing him until he woke up and embraced his father so tightly. Man I love homecomings. There is so much joy, so much love, and so much raw emotion in the air! The best part of it all? I got to go home to my husband, who was there waiting for me.

Hampton Roads Homecoming Hampton Roads Homecoming Hampton Roads HomecomingHampton Roads HomecomingHampton Roads Homecoming Hampton Roads Homecoming Hampton Roads Homecoming Hampton Roads Homecoming

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The Canzoniero’s | Hampton Roads Photographer

Forgive me if I tear up a little on this blog, but this family session really touched my heart. Last year, I did fall pictures for the Canzoniero’s, but Justin, the dad, was deployed. Mari still brought her three children, Matthew, Joshua, and Maddie for pictures, though. Matthew and Joshua are both autistic, and the fall session last year was very difficult for them. I think working with me as a stranger may have been hard on them. That being said, I was still very excited when Mari contacted me to set up a family session this year; especially when she told me Justin would be home, too (even though he hates pictures)!

Hampton Roads Photographer

We decided to meet at Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield. I absolutely love the barns and fields there. If you haven’t been, it’s worth the drive to look around at all the little shops nearby. After usually working in the city, it is so nice to get out to quaint, peaceful towns sometimes. If I were you, I’d add visiting Smithfield to my “Hampton Roads Bucket List” in case you’re moving anytime soon.

Maddie was, of course, a little princess who loved posing for me and showing me her crystal blue eyes, mom and dad couldn’t have displayed a cuter affection for one another, and here is where my heart melts. Josh and Matt remembered exactly who I am! They were amazing! The boys even posed for me and let me help them tweak their positions. They are really growing into even more wonderful young men. They are such special guys, and I know the rest of the Canzoniero’s feel so blessed to have them in their lives. I know I feel blessed having only met them a handful of times.

Hampton Roads Photographer Hampton Roads Photographer Hampton Roads Photographer Hampton Roads PhotographerHampton Roads PhotographerHampton Roads Photographer

In the beginning, I was terrified that the boys would have a hard time working with me again and that it would show in the photos. That worry was for nothing, because in the end the only thing that shows in these photos is a beautiful, happy, family who has everyone home… and some awesome barns.

Hampton Roads Photographer Hampton Roads Photographer

If you still need to get that perfect picture for your Christmas cards, I got an awesome opportunity for you! December 14th, I’m teaming up with 3 AMAZING Hampton Roads Photographers to host Toys For Pix. Christina Rush Photography, Kiyomi Photography, Ashley Anne Photography and myself will be offering 10 minute mini sessions that include 1 digital image with printing rights. All you have to do is bring an unwrapped child’s toy to donate to Toys for Tots. It’s THAT simple! Email to secure your spot asap! We expect these to go fast!

Hampton Roads Photographer

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  1. Beautiful! just love the light!